#1 Introduction to Season 2: Migration–Perspectives on Displacement in the Anthropocene

April 29th, 2014

Introduction to the themes of Season 2 of the Field Station 5 podcast, which began during the 2019 project Mississippi. An Anthropocene River.

Field Station 5

Welcome back to Field Station 5: a project that explores the geospatial politics of the human-centered era known as the Anthropocene through site-specific outposts & in-depth analysis to instigate who, what, when, and how we’re (re)defining “the human.” While Season 1 focused on the context of the Mississippi Delta,  in this season, the field station finds itself stationed in Berlin, Germany the country which leads the EU in taking in migrants and has shaped the conversation on the EU’s so-called migrant crisis of 2015. This season, host Abbéy Odunlami sits down with artists, scholars, activists, data scientists, climate policy advisors, and migration researchers to understand what migration means to this section of the global north.