Scales of an Anthropocene City

March 30th, 2021

Explorations of suburbia and its “newly urgent legibility” within US political geography blend into personal reflections on modes of living in the St. Louis region and beyond.

(un)mutable channels #4

These streams reflect conversations that took place in October 2019 in the St. Louis region and beyond. They are polyvocalities, conveying the unlikely contingency of local Mississippi River geography, nascent infrastructures, and personal happenstance, yielding planetary stories of transformation through global actors like the Monsanto Corporation. We hear from Charlotte, who is older now, but was once a child of this geography, telling of lives lived in an industrial, incorporated town. Lynn describes how seeds are hope, because within them, life is ready to unfold. Stories are told about older stories, of how these shape places, projects and practices, and how these shape experience, today. Suburban landscapes in the Midwest of the US trace the narration of bus tours by The Laboratory of Suburbia.