Between Spaces, between Lines

November 23rd, 2020

Some of the most interesting work on the Anthropocene takes place in between places, in between disciplines, and even in between the lines.

During The Shape of a Practice, four case studies presented research that finds ways of moving between places, disciplines, and the lines that connect them. In Part 1 of this archived stream, data analyst St├ęphane Grumbach and biologist Olivier Hamant explore solutions to the problem of scientific knowledge being unaligned with global actions on climate policy, and artist Ela Spalding confronts the challenges of connecting scientific and artistic discourses around ecology. In Part 2, researchers Orit Halpern and Johannes Bruder, with artist Karolina Sobecka, present their performative effort to imagine a different world, followed by an ongoing experiment from artist Sandi Hilal that explores the socio-political meaning of hospitality.