Evolving Epistemologies: Knowing about/along the Mississippi

August 28th, 2019

How does the Anthropocene inform practices of knowledge production? A conceptual treatment of the guiding questions of the project launch of Mississippi. An Anthropocene River. 

In June 2018 several collaborators of the project Mississippi. An Anthropocene River met in Minneapolis–Saint Paul for a planning workshop, excursions to local river sites and a public symposium to discuss and present on their respective approaches, practices and methods in exploring the river as a zone of critical conditions and experiences. In her essay, Alya Ansari deciphers epistemic entanglements as well as pressing questions that arise out of the participants’ discussion. Highlighting that the project understands the Anthropocene concept as an “epistemological lens”, as Ansari calls it, the author considers the implications of the “age of humankind” on paradigmatic changes in knowledge production and dissemination.