Interview: Communicating

February 1st, 2021

Seminar moderators Nishant Shah and Felipe Castelblanco reflect on how communicating in the Anthropocene entails making sense of an intellectual and sensorial force.

How might one position the concept and practice of communication in relation to the Anthropocene? And does this question itself need reframing? In this recorded interview, researcher-educator Nishant Shah and artist-organizer Felipe Castelblanco reflect on this topic, the focus of their seminar that took place during The Shape of a Practice. Shah and Castelblanco discuss how a multitude of forms of communication practice can occur and define different kinds of Anthropocene realities—influenced by factors such as positionality, location, identity, geopolitics, political ambitions, or differing imaginings of the future. Communicating in the Anthropocene is the act of voicing an experience that is both intellectual and sensorial, and which we cannot yet fully comprehend.