Taking on the Technosphere: A Kitchen Debate

April 23rd, 2016

“Now you’re sounding even weirder than Peter Haff.” ‒ The gloves are off! A lively dispute about the usefulness of the Technosphere concept in general.

In preparing for this seminar, the two of us argued rather vehemently about the technosphere: as concept, as reality, as tool. These arguments mostly took place in our kitchen—maybe not the best place for it, given the extremely sharp Japanese knives ready to hand. We decided that rendering our fight in writing might be more constructive than capoeira with cutting tools. In the following dialog, we critique the technosphere, but also discuss its useful elements. We hope this dialog can help you think about how to turn your own intellectual disagreements—within the group, or with the technosphere or other Anthropocene concepts—into a productive tool for writing and visualization.