The Video is Basket Is a Telescope

April 23rd, 2016

Caroline Picard and Rohini Devasher in conversation about patterns, noise, chaos, and the contemporary conditions of wonder.

In Conversation with Rohini Devasher

During the Anthropocene Campus 2016: The Technosphere Issue, Delhi-based multimedia artist Rohini Devasher and I attended the same “Co-Evolutionary Perspectives of the Technosphere” seminar. Part of our required reading was Tim Ingold’s essay “On weaving a basket.” By looking at the long history of basket making, Ingold explores how “the difference between making and growing is by no means as obvious as we might have thought,” suggesting as a result that we might have to soften “the distinction between artefacts and living things”: form and substance, and even technology and nature. In the following conversation, Rohini and I explore similar themes as they weave in and out of her own diverse practice.