Amongst Relatives

March 10th, 2020

We are permeable beings and perpetually affected by our changing ecosystems. This field guide and accompanying exercises guide us into an embodied present.

Field Guide 03 and exercises for an embodied present

In a series of interviews with Indigenous thinkers from communities of the northern Mississippi River basin, this field guide explores the dissonance of settler colonial agricultural methods and indigenous relationships to land. Multi-formed relatives, from soil microbes to milkweed, are invited to contend with our pervasive colonial past and inform visions of potential futures. The field guide is accompanied by a set of prompt cards that, through a series of performative exercises, guide us into an embodied present; one that is in relationship with more-than-human communities. In the midst of the ecocidal violence of settler colonialism and capitalism, these cards ask: how do we honor the nature-cultures of mutual aid that surround us and support us?