Anthropocene Campus 2016

April 23rd, 2016

The Technosphere Issue

How do social, human and technological infrastructures operate within the Anthropocene? What are the concrete techniques, organisms, environments and possibly systemic dysfunctions that compose this new planetary condition? One way of describing this worldwide fabric of earthly, technological, and living systems is in terms of the Technosphere, a hybrid field of infrastructural activities that has today achieved geo-systemic parity with other spheres such as the bio-, the hydro-, and the atmosphere. In what ways does this self-optimizing system coincide or interfere with adjacent spheres? How might humans intervene in, design, or change its dynamics? Or has the technosphere become an autonomous force beyond human intentions? The second edition of the Anthropocene Campus shed light on this man-made sphere, posing the challenge of describing, understanding, and more consciously shaping a twenty-first century wherein the forces of humanity, technology, culture, life, and industry act in accordance with the biophysical possibilities and limits of our planet.