Over the Levee, Under the Plow: An experiential curriculum

August 9th, 2019

What does it mean to become a responsible guest? This set of field guides and accompanying exercises offer an adaptable tool for the uninvited traveler.

The collaborative project Over the Levee, Under the Plow: An Experiential Curriculum provides an adaptable tool for reflection and becoming responsible guests in a multitude of social and ecological contexts. A set of loosely defined guidebooks collectively titled Field Guides to the Anthropocene Drift assembles images, texts, maps, and other information, around key themes and locations in the lands commonly referred to as the Upper-Midwest of the United States. Each guide is accompanied by a set of exercises, reflective prompts, and questions that form an experiential curriculum inspired by the lands and lifeways the artist-authors find themselves in, and where they occupy identities assigned privilege: non-disabled, cis-gendered, white-settler.