Over the Levee, Under the Plow

August 9th, 2019

A traveling seminar on the relations between settler colonialism, racial capitalism, and environmental concerns in the Upper Midwest territory.

Over the Levee, Under the Plow is a traveling seminar on settler colonialism, industrial agriculture, Indigenous resurgence, and food sovereignty along the Mississippi River and its tributaries in the upper Midwest.

This traveling seminar considers the ongoing geological, biological, and social formation of the Midwest in order to locate the historical, political and philosophical roots of the environmental crisis as it manifests in this territory. The seminar unfolds over five days in the landscape marked physically by the action of glaciers, shaped by the enduring presence of Indigenous nations, and defined politically by the colonization that intensified after the 1832 Black Hawk conflict. Bringing together Native leaders, local residents, scholars, activists, and artists for a series of lectures, tours, and conversations, the seminar aims to understand the origins and effects of the present engineered landscape and build alliances for more just and sustainable futures.