Technosphere Magazine

July 22nd, 2020

Exploring the amorphous fabric of technologies, environments, and humans shaping Earth’s critical future.

Acting as a calibrating device at the point where natural environments, enormous sociotechnical forces, and evermore “technological species” converge, Technosphere Magazine traces the mechanisms of the Technosphere.

The magazine investigates specific dimensions, “apparatuses,” ruptures, and operational failures through and by which the technosphere becomes visible. How does the technosphere operate? What are its organizing principles and infrastructures? And how will we work amidst these new forms and constellations of humans, technology, and Earth systems that the technosphere spawns?

Over the course of the research project Technosphere (2015-19), the online magazine has brought together research pieces, philosophical essays, and artistic approaches in 17 curated thematic dossiers, thereby mapping out trajectories and converging points within the technosphere.