Broadcasting Live from… Field Station 5 (Season 02)

April 29th, 2013

Transmitting from Berlin, Germany, season 2 of Abbéy Odunlami’s podcast features conversations on Europe’s role in the age of migration which is also the age of the Anthropocene.

Migration: Perspectives on Displacement in the Anthropocene

The transformations of the Anthropocene amplify the world’s inequalities. The methods and practices which permitted developed countries to industrialize and get wealthy have produced emissions which contribute to the climate changes that disproportionately harm the most impoverished populations. While most future climate migrants are likely headed to Europe, the EU still lacks a discerning migrant policy. Abbéy Odunlami’s podcast series, Migration: Perspectives on Displacement in the Anthropocene, brings together researchers, politicians and activists to grasp the role of Europe as a political agent and a geographical destination in future climates.